Nutritional Cleansing

What is Nutritional Cleansing?

A common misconception is that cleansing is bad for your body. It is thought that depriving your body of food is going to have nothing but nasty side effects. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason cleansing and fasting have such a bad name is because there are many products on the market that don’t do it correctly. While many of them strip the body of nutritional content while actively targeting the harmful toxins, Isagenix nourishes the body instead. It works by removing harmful toxins while improving your digestive health and supplying the body with better vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. After all, you’ve got to give back what you take out.

What nutritional cleansing shouldn’t do

Many cleansing products on the market are, in reality, a low dosage laxative. They prevent bloating and even offer weight loss, and most can be found at your local supermarket. However, the results are only short-lived. As soon as you start eating food again, you will gain the weight back that you just lost. Not only does this make the cleansing process ineffective and all for nothing, but it’s also dangerous long-term. The use of laxatives can damage your intestines which can increase the chances of cancer, ulcers and other severe health conditions. There are also no other benefits associated with a laxative-based cleansing programme.

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How is an Isagenix cleanse different?

Isagenix cleanses are vastly different than those found on supermarket shelves. While there are some similarities, particularly in the ultimate goal – weight loss – the path to achieving that goal couldn’t be any more different if it tried. We don’t rely on low-dosage synthetic laxatives. Instead, we fill our cleansing products with sustainable and healthy fibres, vitamins, minerals and natural extracts. All of these components work together to support your digestive system while helping you lose weight at the same time.

Isagenix cleansing products consist of IsaFlush and Cleanse for Life. Both feature top-quality ingredients while providing a comprehensive approach to nutritional cleansing. These products are far healthier than standard laxative-based products because not only do they remove harmful toxins, but they swap them out for healthy nutrients instead. IsaFlush adds fibre to act as a digestive aid, while Cleanse for Life supports your tissue and regulates your digestive system. The ultimate goal of both products, however, is to be useful for removing all those damaged cells and toxins, while ensuring your health isn’t negatively affected as a result.

How can I benefit from a nutritional cleanse?

By choosing to use Isagenix cleansing products opposed to standard laxative-based ones, you’re already benefiting! We put health before effectiveness, and this ensures you’ll only but benefit from using our products. Our nutritional cleanse products should be used to kickstart your diet, effectively giving you a “clean slate” to work from. Pair our cleansing products with a healthy diet, increased fluid intake and plenty of exercise. This is the recipe for success! Get ready to feel healthier with improved levels of digestive health, while you work towards your weight loss goals!

Start Your Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse

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