Money Back Guarantee & Returns

We love it when new customers decide to take back control of their health and wellbeing, using our products to help them do so. It’s even better when they refer family and friends to us or become Isagenix Associates. Time and time again we’re given testimonials from customers who are overjoyed with their newfound health. When you match Isagenix products with a healthy diet and exercise, you’re more than likely to gain phenomenal results in the process.

However, while we know many of our customers just love what our products do, and how they make them feel, some people don’t get the results they were after. We know not every product is going to work for every person, so we ensure we provide a money-back guarantee offer for those who aren’t satisfied with the results. Unlike most products on the market, we care if you’re not happy. If we can’t help you to achieve the results you expected, we give you your money back. It’s that easy.

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Understanding Isagenix’s Money Back Guarantee

All Isagenix Associates sell Isagenix International products with the confidence you’ll love your products. However, if you find that within the first 30 days of using our cleanses, shakes and other products you are not benefiting from the desired effects, you can apply for a refund. This refund applies to your first order and doesn’t include any shipping or handling fees. As we’re sure you can appreciate, these costs are out of our control.

When you’re thinking about requesting a refund from Isagenix, there are many reasons why you might look at doing so. Firstly, you might not be seeing the level of weight loss you thought you would get, or you might not be benefiting from increased performance as the product stated. These are both valid reasons for wanting a refund. We even supply return options for those who purchased our products, only to find a specific medical condition or health problem is stopping you from enjoying and reaping the benefits of them.

While the instances of people applying for refunds are rare, they do happen, and we want to ensure your refund process goes as smoothly as your initial purchase process did.

Quality Guarantee

Here at IsaTime UK and Isagenix International, we’re confident in the efficacy and quality of our products. On a regular basis, we’re tweaking and modifying our popular products to ensure they’re better than ever before. We even have them created, tested and approved by experts and health professionals who have a passion for ensuring those who consume these products get the results they desire.

Because of our dedication to the efficiency of our products, refund requests are infrequent. However, for those who do request one within the 30-day window, the money is refunded very quickly, and you can rest easy that you haven’t lost out.

We also make the refund process easy so that more people feel confident to give our products a go. If you’re unsure, you’re on the fence, or you’re just worried that Isagenix products won’t work, there’s no harm in trying them. In the unlikely event you aren’t feeling healthier or fitter from using Isagenix in line with a healthy diet and exercise, you can simply request a refund.

Money-Back Guarantee Instructions for United Kingdom Refunds

If you’re visiting this page because you’re looking to find out how to get your refund, please keep reading. The simple three-step process is below.


Send an email to to ask for a refund. Make sure you include your Isagenix Member ID and invoice number located on your invoice.

If you don’t wish to email, you can talk to our customer service team in the United Kingdom by phoning 0 808 189 0490. An authorisation form will arrive to help complete your refund.



Complete the Isagenix Returns Merchandise Authorisation form provided by the Returns Department.



Return your products to Isagenix United Kingdom by following the information on the authorisation form. Once we receive your leftover products, we’ll refund your money within a few days.

We provide such an easy system because we want our new customers to feel like they have a way out if they’re not happy. We don’t want you wasting money on products you feel aren’t right for you.

If you’ve decided that Isagenix is indeed the very thing you need, why not look at the premium and standard packages we have on offer? There’s nothing to lose except all that extra weight!

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