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Isagenix Ingredients: What’s in your favourite products?

When you’ve decided to start a new lifestyle or a new diet, it’s essential that you always look at what’s in the products. This is especially true if you have any dietary requirements or allergies. While our customers have always described Isagenix as a lifestyle rather than a diet, we ensure we’re continually testing and selecting new ingredients that will benefit each product within our packs and on their own.

Isagenix as a whole can most certainly help you lose weight, but we recommend consulting your doctor before you start any new health and fitness plan. This can help ascertain whether Isagenix or any meal replacement option is right for you.

When you’re ready to get started, and you’re happy with the allergen and ingredient list, it’s now time to buy products that suit you. We cater to those who require dairy-free products, as well as offering several products that are gluten-free, and a pack that caters to those following strict religious dietary requirements as well.

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What is in an Isagenix IsaLean Shake?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer meal replacement shakes with ingredients you can pronounce and understand. For us, the key is to always be on the lookout for ways to enhance our products without turning to synthetic components to do the job. Each element in our meal replacement shakes has a job to do, and we offer three great flavours: Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Strawberry Cream. We even provide a dairy-free shake range as well.

The main component of our shakes is Myo-IsaLean Complex. This is made up of whey, milk protein, and non-fat milk powder. This mix is exceptionally high in protein – offering 26 grams, or 36 grams with IsaLean PRO, and is a primary source of protein in the shakes.

We then use ingredients to stabilise the shakes, as well as to add flavour, taste, and nutrients. Because our shakes are plant-based, we use beet juice to colour the strawberry shake, and stevia powder to add sweetness. Isagenix IsaLean Shakes are also full of vitamins and minerals to benefit your health and wellbeing. This includes magnesium oxide to reduce the risk of conditions such as constipation, nerve pain, and colorectal cancer.

We invite you to read our ingredient lists and research any ingredient you’re not sure of. We’re confident you’ll be pleased by the complex range of beneficial ingredients we add in to ensure you get the most use out of our products.

Dairy-Free Shake Option

A staggering percentage of the world’s population is lactose intolerant, and this is why we offer the popular dairy-free shake option. Available as a delicious natural chocolate shake, we ensure you get the same amount of protein, without using dairy products. Instead, the protein component is made with peas and hemp seeds and includes other beneficial ingredients such as natural sweeteners, canola oil, and olive oil powder.

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Kosher Shake Option

If you live your life following religious dietary laws, we cater to you as well. We have a great IsaLean Kosher vanilla shake that contains kosher milk and other beneficial ingredients. You can learn more about Kosher Shakes on our website.

IsaLean Bar Ingredients

When we’ve found a winning recipe, we don’t stray too far from it, and that’s why our Isagenix bars feature similar ingredients to our shakes. Used as a meal replacement as well, IsaLean Bars are filling, and feature 18 grams of protein with a minimal amount of fat.

We use whey protein and non-fat milk for protein and carbs from various sources such as brown rice syrup, tapioca starch, and rice flour. We then pack them full of vitamins and minerals and sweeten them to suit your palate with fructose and honey. If you’re dairy-free, our dairy-free option features pea protein and whole grain brown rice protein concentrate. We encourage you to read our ingredient list for IsaLean Bars.

IsaLean Pro Ingredients

Our IsaLean Pro range is designed to increase your performance and help you become the best version of you. Available in Natural Vanilla, French Vanilla, Strawberry Cream and Natural Chocolate, they’re nutritious, delicious, feature natural flavouring and are packed full of nutrients.

The main protein component is Myo-IsaLean Complex, a complex mix of whey, milk protein, and non-fat milk powder. It includes 36 grams of protein and enables you to build lean muscle mass.

As each flavour features different ingredients, we encourage you to visit our product information page to find out which IsaLean Pro Shake will suit your needs the best.

Isagenix Product Ingredients

We’re all about ensuring our customers have access to every piece of information they need to make a decision. You can visit our product listing page to learn more about each product. This can surely help you decide whether Isagenix is right for you.

Isagenix Is Packed Full of High-Quality Ingredients

There’s no denying Isagenix has done all it can to ensure its products only feature vital ingredients to benefit you. Are you ready to take the next step? Shop IsaTime UK for low prices, fast shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee on your first order.

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