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This package has been accurately named: with a combination of 15 top-quality Isagenix products it presents he ultimate comprehensive nutritional support for weight loss, muscle gain and long-term health benefits. If you’re looking to make the most effective, complete investment in your own health, this is the product for you – take the difficulty out of dieting with this amazing, complete package.


Product Description

Overview – what is it? How does it work?

The ultimate package is an amazing combination of products that provide complete nutritional support for all your dietary needs – this package provides you with the vast majority of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals to fuel your body, as well as wide variety of supplements that improve metabolic and digestive health. This approach provides absolutely everything you will need to succeed in your diet – all you have to do is follow the Isagenix diet and enjoy the results!

If you’ve tried everything else and are struggling to lose weight still, the Isagenix ultimate pack is a surefire way of making results happen: it is a scientific fact that this product works – there is no way to use this product as described and not burn fat. This is the investment in your own health and physique that you’ve been waiting for.

Who can benefit from this product?

The ultimate package wouldn’t be very ultimate if it was only suitable for a small number of people. The ultimate package is a total nutritional plan and provides all the necessary tools to completely transform your body, health and athletic performance. This means that whoever you are, whatever your goals, the ultimate pack will provide you with the best nutritional support to achieve them. This product provides you with the ability to lose large amounts of weight in a short space of time and provides the ultimate foundation to a lifelong improvement in your health, fitness, and physique.

Key benefits and effects

  • High-protein shake supplements are great for fat burning, building muscle mass and boosting metabolism
  • Snacks and fiber bars provide healthy alternatives to junk food and combats sweet carb cravings
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements contribute to protecting health and promoting wellbeing
  • Cleanse products provide gentle digestive support, improving the gut microbiome and improving long-term health
  • Ionix Supreme and natural accelerator both protect cell health and keep the body in peak condition during weight loss and dieting
  • Hydration tonics contribute to improved water balance, nutrient absorption and keep you at your best
  • IsaBlender and full Isagenix membership provide fantastic practical support to your long-term weight loss, taking all the difficulty out of your transformation

Frequently asked questions

What does it do?

The ultimate pack is a complete approach to nutrition in one box: it provides you with all the essential products and information you will need to improve your life. If your body needs it, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in our ultimate pack.

How can this benefit my performance?

The various effects of this pack are far too long to list, but the 15 products in this package provide you with everything you need for guaranteed dietary success. This means greater muscle mass, reduced body fat, improved long-term health and a boost to your performance in training. There are also many lifestyle benefits such as reduced cooking times, fewer cravings, healthier snacking, improved mental performance and more energy, each of which contributes to a well-rounded improvement in your quality of life!

Is this product safe and legal?

We couldn’t call this pack ultimate if it wasn’t safe and legal: all of the product in this pack and our product range are both safe and legal. We believe that health comes first and would never provide unsafe or unhealthy products, especially those deemed illegal.


The wide range of products in this pack make it impossible to list the relevant allergen information here. Fortunately, however, we have created a comprehensive product allergen list here so that you can view them all for yourself.


Diets and weight loss have been very difficult for many people – this pack takes all the difficulty out of dieting and puts you firmly in control of your own diet and health, giving you the greatest chance of success. If you want to put the success of your diet first and make a serious commitment to totally changing your life, this pack is the product for you and will ensure that you are completely supported so that all you have to do is stick to the diet and enjoy the amazing products and results!

Nutritional Information

This Pack Contains

Quantity Product Name
1 Ionix Supreme
1 IsaLean® Bars
1 Cleanse Support Bundle
1 Replenish™/AMPED™ Hydrate
1 IsaDelight
1 Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis
2 Cleanse for Life
4 IsaLean Shakes or IsaLean Pro
1 IsaBlender™ Blending Vessels
1 System Guide: Weight Loss – 1ct
1 e+ Shot – Raspberry Flavour – 6 x 60 mL bottles
1 Whey Thins – Cheddar – 10 packs
1 $75 Event Voucher

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