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When you’re hungry, you reach for snacks. Those snacks can be chocolate bars, muesli bars or chips, just to name a few. While they might temporarily satisfy your hunger, they don’t do anything for your health and wellbeing. Snacks from Isagenix aims to change all that. Instead of reaching for that chocolate bar that adds nothing but sugar to your body, you can reach for these chewable snacks that are available in either chocolate or dairy-free wild berry flavours.

They not only curb your carb cravings, but they satiate your hunger, help you achieve your weight loss goals, add nutrients to your diet, and add minimal calories or kilojoules to your daily count.

Swap out unhealthy snacks with Isagenix Snacks alone, or mix it up with Fiber Snacks, IsaLean Bars, IsaDelight Chocolates, or Slim Cakes.


What are Isagenix Snacks?

Isagenix Snacks are small, low-sugar wafers that are packed full of nutrients for slow-releasing energy. They reduce the risk of carb cravings, encourage you to keep your diet on track, and are a perfect accompaniment to meal replacement shakes on a cleanse day. They feature alfalfa leaf and flaxseed – both which provide many health benefits alongside the protein and carbohydrates already present. When you reach for a bag of chips to satiate your hunger, swap it for a bottle of Isagenix Snacks instead.

How do Isagenix Snack’s it work?

When you start your new diet, you’re often met with daily temptations you may not have the willpower to resist. All of a sudden, that vending machine at work you could normally walk past, all of a sudden becomes a source of angst as you try to hold yourself back from purchasing a delicious chocolate bar. Isagenix Snacks, which satisfy carb cravings and tick all the right boxes, can be used as a healthy replacement instead. They relieve the GI burden, give you that much-needed energy boost to get through the day, and even add more protein and fibre to your diet.

It may seem like you’re missing out on sweet treats, but Isagenix Snacks curb those cravings and are far more beneficial for your waistline as well.

Who can this product benefit?

This 100 percent vegetarian product is suitable for everyone and anyone who’s looking to make changes to their lifestyle. They feature in many of our Isagenix premium packages and are the perfect titbit to enjoy instead of opening up a bag of chips. From the athlete to the novice, these Snacks are for you.

Key benefits and effects

  • Reduces carb cravings
  • Offers carbs and proteins
  • Satiates your hunger
  • Contains plenty of nutrients to ensure your body is getting everything it needs
  • Fits conveniently in handbags and car consoles
  • Can go anywhere you go

Nutritional Information


  • Natural Chocolate
  • Dairy Free Natural Wild Berry
  • French Vanilla

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