Energy and Performance Basic Pack

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Do you want to be more productive, more energetic and more zestful in your hectic life? Are you ready to challenge yourself by transforming your body and lifestyle? If your answer is yes then Isagenix Energy and Performance Basic Pack is the ideal programme that will give you the necessary energy and performance boost to accomplish your goals. Equipped with longer-lasting energy and mental clarity, you will be able to conduct daily activities more efficiently, get the most from your workouts at the fitness suite and have your body recover better afterwards.

Energy and Performance Basic Pack



What is the Energy and Performance Basic Pack?

The Energy and Performance Basic Pack features a variety of products selected mainly for athletes or active people that will fuel them with the extra energy to charge up their training sessions and make their body perform at its best as often as possible. With a 30-day supply of IsaLean Shakes, IsaPro, Ionix Supreme, e-Shots, AMPED Hydrate, and the delectable IsaLean bars, it also provides superior nutritional support, contributes to your body’s cleansing process with special focus on session-to-session recovery. This is what makes the pack a complete programme that serves as a long-term solution and an excellent follow-up to the Energy and Performance Premium Pack.

How does it work?

Products included in this pack and how they work to bring out the best in you:
2 IsaLean Shakes – IsaLean shakes provide sufficient protein and nutrients for nourishment and building muscles. They can be used as both pre-workout fuels and as your post-workout recovery food.
1 Ionix Supreme – A unique tonic that supplies a mixture of essential nutrients from brain to body to heal, refresh and fortify every organ.
2 E-Shot – Gives you a boost of energy from a combination of plant-based caffeine and natural, non-stimulant adaptogens to help you feel alert when you need it most.
1 AMPED Hydrate (orange flavour) – This citrusy sports drink refreshes and rehydrates as it replenishes lost electrolytes and nutrients in the body helping it recover quicker.
2 IsaPro – IsaPro Whey Protein provides additional high-quality protein on top of your daily diet, acting as a performance aid and also improving the recovery ability of your body.
1 IsaLean Bars (Chocolate Decadence) – Fuels both your workouts and active lifestyle.
1 Nourish for Life – A fantastic health drink that improves digestive and cellular health.
1 IsaShaker Bottle – To mix it all up!

Who can benefit from this product?

Whether you are an athlete, a student juggling academics with sports, have a physically demanding profession or someone trying to balance it all, the Energy and Performance package has just the products to give you a steady, healthy supply of energy to succeed in your goals.

This system is specially created for those who have completed their first 30 days with the Premium pack and are looking to further enhance their results.

Key benefits and effects

  • Supplies your body with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function at its best
  • Effectively builds lean muscle mass
  • Boosts energy, giving better strength-endurance
  • Increases adaptability and reduces stress
  • Improves mental clarity and refreshes
  • Speeds up recovery time by supporting muscle repair


Join hundreds of people who live life to the fullest by adding this pack to your fitness regime and let us know your experience!

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