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When you’re trying to beat your personal best during training, or you’re looking for that extra boost during a competition, you need AMPED Hydrate from Isagenix. This specially formulated sports drink is packed full of Vitamin C and B-complex to aid in your hydration, health, and wellness. Without these three components, your body will not work at its best.

Rehydrate with 20 percent more electrolytes than our previous version, and revel in being able to take your exercise regime to the next level. AMPED Hydrate is available in both Juicy Orange and Lemon Lime, in convenient sachets.

  • Supports hydration and faster recovery
  • Helps sustain performance
  • Naturally hydrates and replenishes nutrients


What is AMPED Hydrate? How does it work?

When you head out for that jog, or that intense training session, you’re pumped for the challenge ahead. However, before long, you may find yourself lagging, becoming fatigued, and just unable to keep up. Your lack of hydration could be to blame.

AMPED Hydate (previously Replenish), which is available in sachets to make up 500mL per sachet, is rich in vitamin C and B-complex to support your cell production, enhance your workout, improve your hydration and ensure your ligaments are nourished as well. The best part is, it’s easy to mix, easy to drink, and provides you with everything your body needs to keep going and going.

When you’re not entirely hydrated, every part of your body suffers as a result. Replenish from Isagenix aims to change all that. By ensuring your body is 100 percent hydrated, you will experience the benefits of a regular metabolism, improved digestive health, better muscular performance, and even better mental health to push through the barriers.

The B and C Vitamins also work by transferring energy to the appropriate areas, enabling you to work harder for longer, while nourishing the parts of your body that are doing all the hard work.

Who can benefit from this product?

Whether you’re an athlete or your day job involves a lot of manual labour, you’re sure to benefit from Replenish. By keeping your body and brain hydrated, you can be at your best at any time of the day. Push yourself to the limit, give your body what it needs, and enjoy the sweet taste of orange, or lemon and lime.

Key benefits and effects

  • Improves hydration
  • Refuels muscles
  • Boosts performance
  • Vitamin B and C support your body and increase your energy levels
  • Convenient sachet with easy-mix formula

How/when should I take Amped Hydrate?

When your body needs a boost during a hard day of work, play or exercise, Replenish can come to the rescue. Before, during or after a workout, you will be rewarded with better hydration, concentration, energy and general health. It’s an exceptional intra-workout solution, and we know you will notice the difference.

Nutritional Information


  • Juicy Orange
  • Lemon Lime
  • Refreshing Grape


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